Tenant Buyouts

Tenant Buyouts (aka "Cash for Keys") are increasingly popular in rent controlled cities in California, which otherwise limit the landlord's ability to regain possession of a controlled rental. These negotiations between landlord and tenant can become burdensome, especially with local laws that have specific disclosure and filing requirements. Struthers Legal handles tenant buyouts from beginning to end. Services include: ​

  • Negotiating

  • Required Disclosures & Filings

  • Agreement Drafting 

  • Diligence and Follow Through 

Tenant Buyouts

Habitability Lawsuit Defense

Habitability lawsuits in California are increasing. These lawsuits often include claims for- breach of warranty of habitability, breach of quiet enjoyment, breach of contract, nuisance (public and private), negligence, and emotional distress . These cases are almost always settled, but often at a cost to the landlord. Some insurance companies will not take the case or will take the case and later seek reimbursement for the settlement and defense costs. Then insurance premiums are increased. ​Struthers Legal handles litigation defense with an eye towards mitigating expense and repeat lawsuits. 

Habitability .png

New required Eviction Moratorium Notice for CA landlords to serve on tenants on or before July 31, 2021. Notice here