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Sasha Struthers


My practice focuses on employment law and landlord-tenant matters. My Philosophy:  Be a zealous advocate for my clients.


Employment Law: I deal with complex harassment and discrimination cases along with wage & hour violations in several forums, including Superior Court , Labor Commissioner's Office, NRLB and OSHA.


Landlord Tenant: I deal with Landlord-Tenant matters representing landlords and tenants in all aspects of landlord-tenant dealings, including but not limited to lease negotiations, dispute resolution, tenant buyout negotiations, asset restructuring, evictions and resident managers. 


My Background: I began my law career in employer defense litigation, representing employers in wage and hour and FEHA cases, including sexual harassment, race discrimination, disability discrimination and pregnancy discrimination. Over the years I have represented employers and employees in various employment law matters with great results for my client.


Additionally, I was hired to stabilize an income real estate portfolio in Los Angeles, which kickstarted my landlord-tenant law practice area. By myself I managed a 15 building portfolio comprised of SFR, multifamily and multi-tenant commercial from the day to day operations, tenant management, lease negotiations, evictions, REAP hearings, LADBS Code Enforcement Compliance and LARSO compliance. My unique experience in this role allowed me to personally walks in the landlord's shoes. I now represent landlords and tenants in various matters.  

Long ago, I would have devoutly contested anyone's suggestion that I argue for a living. I wanted a path that gave me a sense of purpose and could help people.


Since becoming a lawyer I found a romanticism in the law. Laws are shaped because when people are left to their own devices they will become enemies over that which they disagree. I fight for my clients not because it is the nature of the beast, but because it gives me purpose.

I've set out to not only learn the law, but to understand the perspective of the parties. In my role as an attorney I look at things from the feelings of both sides. If you don't understand the parties are human then you can't be an effective advocate. When I became an asset manager of a large real estate portfolio I was tasked with fixing the business. But in order to handle the day to day operations I had to fix the relationships with management and the tenants. My years as a defense attorney was the only reason why I could mend these relations and get the business out from under itself. I understood the dynamic- employees and tenants want to feel heard and understood, employers and landlords want to make numbers and reduce turn-over. When you read in-between the lines, both sides want the same thing- equity. I disclaim this is for the most part, sometimes people are selfish and awful, it happens. 

I take pride in my willingness to see both sides of the coin. It makes me an effective people person. My end goal is not fight for the sake of fighting, but to reach a resolution- sometimes that is through settlement and other times through trial. 

As a born and raised Angeleno, I want to keep businesses in Los Angeles. My efforts to educate Los Angeles on employment and landlord-tenant laws is because I believe servicing and educating the masses protects the people. 

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