California is leading the way in the fight to increase minimum wages. You can read my blog post here on 2021's Minimum Wage and Salary Increases. 

Employees are often misclassified as either independent contractors or exempt- salaried employees, when they really are regular hourly-employees who should receive overtime compensation and meal and rest breaks. Employers sometimes misclassify an employee as exempt because it is easier to track time and not be responsible for overtime or meals and rest breaks. 

California law protects employees, by making it an offense for employers to steal employees wages in the form of improper compensation. Employers must pay employees for:

  • Minimum wages at the applicable minimum wage rate. 

  • Piece-Rates or Commissions. 

  • Overtime hours worked in excess of 8 hours in one day or 40 hours in one week. 

  • Meal and rest breaks in which the employee was interrupted during the break or asked to report to work before clocking back in. 

  • All business related expenses, such as office supplies, necessary for the employee to perform their work duties. 

  • All hours worked, even those off the clock. 

  • Sick Leave and Vacation Pay, when provided. 

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