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I offer tenant buyout negotiation services for a flat fee to landlords who don't have the time, patience or energy to do so, or have a strained relationship with tenants. My services include:

  • Consulting and strategizing with landlord pre-offer;

  • Drafting and serving tenant with buyout offer;

  • Targeted and repeated follow ups with tenant regarding offer;

  • Handling all negotiations with tenant(s); 

  • Filing required disclosures under local laws; and 

  • Drafting buyout agreement once settled. 

Unlike other services that offer "you don't pay until we get a deal," I don't abandon the effort after a few close in time follow ups. Tenants don't always bite the first go- however the offer plants a seed. Many times tenants come around later on wanting to engage, which gives the landlord more leverage in negotiations. 

 Buyout Requirements 

LARSO has set the tone for tenant buyouts with its "Cash For Keys" program. Many local jurisdictions have followed suit and created their own set of requirements. For exemplary purposes the LARSO "Cash For Keys" requirements for tenant buyouts are as follows:

  1. Landlord tenders tenant Buy-Out Offer for amount no less than minimum along with RSO Disclosure Notice. 

  2. Should the tenant accept the Buy-Out Offer, buyout agreement must be in the primary language of the tenant. 

  3. The buyout agreement must contain specific language in a specific font. 

  4. The landlord must file the buy-out agreement with the RSO Disclosure Notice with the HCIDLA office no later than 60 days from the date of the last signature of the buyout agreement. 

A landlord may at anytime approach a tenant with a buyout offer and further engage in buyout negotiations. However, landlords have had greater success in successfully buying out tenants with the use of a third party, such as an attorney. It saves the landlord time and energy and creates a buffer between the landlord and tenant. Landlords and tenants don't see eye to eye and often cannot put themselves in the shoes of the other. A third party go between is often able to bridge the gap. 

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