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Los Angeles Rent Assistance Applications- 80/20 Program

For all those unfamiliar or some what familiar, California's SB91 created a lifeline for landlords. Under SB91 landlords can receive up to 80% of their back rent for the period of April 2020 through March 2021, if the landlord agrees to forgive 20% of the back rent. Renters must meet certain requirements. However, I suggest every landlord who has a delinquent tenant to submit an applications for two reasons:

(1) You may actually get help and

(2) If you don't get the help then you have an official paper stating the tenant does not qualify (is not low income enough) and you the landlord have better standing in a future case/eviction for the back rent.

Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County have different rental assistance applications.

Los Angeles County- Applications open now- https://housing.ca.gov/covid_rr/program_overview.html#landlords

Tenants must make 80% or below the Los Angeles median income.

Landlord required documents:

  • IRS W-9 Form

  • To Verify Residence (need ONE of the following)

  • Lease agreement

  • State issued program id with license

  • Official letter from third party showing name and address

  • Government issued library card

  • Utility statements from provider

  • To verify Ownership (need ONE of the following)

  • Property deeds

  • Mortgage note

  • Property tax forms

  • Homeowner insurance

  • To verify Rent Owed (need ONE of the following)

  • A current lease- signed by the applicant and the landlord that identifies the unit where the applicant resides and establishes the rental payment amount.

  • In the absence of a signed lease, evidence of the amount of a rental payment may include:

  • Bank statements

  • Check stubs, or other documentation that reasonably establishes a pattern of paying rent

  • Written attestation by a landlord who can be verified as the legitimate owner or management agent of the unit

Los Angeles City- Applications open 3/30/21- https://hcidla.lacity.org/

Tenants must make 50% or below the Los Angeles media income.

Landlord required documents:

  • Proof of Identification

  • IRS W-9 form

  • Proof of the tenant’s current monthly and past due rent

  • A completed LA City ERAP Landlord Participation Agreement

Given the overwhelming volume of documents required, in addition to follow up with the government and tenants, landlords may require assistance in filling out these applications. I charge a flat fee of $400.00 to do the application, including following up with the government and tenants to get the application processed.

If you have questions about this topic or other landlord-tenant law you may contact me by phone at (818) 306-0686 or by email at sasha@struthers.legal

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