• Sasha Struthers

Los Angeles COVID 19 Era Employee Leave Chart

If California's and Los Angeles' paid and unpaid leave laws coupled with COVID 19 were not numerous and confusing enough, Governor Newsom has now expanded them yet again with AB 1867. I get many clients worried they are providing too little or too much paid leave. A risk averse employer is best served giving out more paid leave than less.

In an effort to wrangle the overlapping regular and COVID 19 laws into one place, I created a table for Los Angeles employers to reference- found here.

This table should be used to help figure out what amounts of leave to provide employees and for how long as it relates to COVID 19. This table does not cover other paid and unpaid leave that could be the result of pregnancy, other non-COVID 19 family leaves or other non-COVID 19 disability leaves. Not all leaves will apply to all employers. This table should not be used in lieu of talking to an employment attorney, like myself, about any confusion you have about the laws.

COVID 19 has presented novel challenges to employers. New laws are being drafted, revised, proposed and signed all the time, at a federal, state and local level. Be sure to work with an employment attorney to make sure you are complying with the various new COVID 19 era laws. Should you have any questions feel free to contact me at 818-306-0686 | sasha@struthers.legal

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