• Sasha Struthers

LA City & County pull $130million for Residential Rent Relief Directly to Landlords

LA County took the lead announcing a rent relief program in late April to pay landlords directly up to $3,000 for back rent on behalf of defaulting residential tenants meeting certain requirements. Yesterday, LA City announced a similar program with an allocation of $100million for residential tenant rent relief assistance, up to $2,000 for defaulting tenants. LA County also announced an additional $30million for its rent relief program.

LA City plans to have the program in place Mid July 2020. Keep an eye on HCIDLA's website as they announce updates to the program.

LA County's rent relief applications closed May 31, 2020 for tenants and June 15, 2020 for landlords, but given the latest injection of funds keep an eye on LACDA's website as they may re-open the applications.

It has been long requested and anticipated that LA City would great such a program, so far the largest funded program of its kind in the country. While the eviction moratoriums are still in place and quite harsh, this is the right step in relieving tension between landlords and tenants.

Irrespective of these programs, landlords are still in the position of cooperating with their tenants. If your tenants are being uncooperative or difficult you should consult an attorney on the best approach moving forward. Feel free to give me a call to discuss your situation.

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