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Landlording is Hard
Struthers Legal Makes it Easier 

Struthers Legal represents landlords and property management companies throughout the California. Founder Sasha Struthers is a Los Angeles based attorney who assists landlords with problem solving and maximizing profitability of their portfolios.


She handles landlord-tenant disputes, tenant buyouts and landlord representation in habitability, housing discrimination and tenant harassment lawsuits. She services the entire state of California.  

You are encouraged to visit her YouTube channel where she posts videos on common landlord-tenant matters and updates on the law. 

Sasha Struthers, Founder

Tenant Buyouts

Tenant Buyouts aka "Cash for Keys" are increasingly popular and not going anywhere anytime soon. The one tool landlords have to peacefully and effectively regain possession of units, rehab them and raise rents to fair market values. I advocate for these on the additional front they allow landlords to maintain the older, architecturally significant buildings of Los Angeles, where feasible. 

Click here to learn more about my tenant buyout services.

Landlord Representation

Also on the rise- tenant habitability, harassment and discrimination cases. California's state and local laws are growing increasingly strict on landlords. The legislative drive to address the provide tenants more protections is leaving landlords vulnerable to unintentional violations and thus lawsuits. 

Click here to learn more about what can get you sued and my landlord defense & representation services 

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